Web Design

Develop custom website designs by hand using the latest web technologies to best match your needs.


Create an impressionable logo and complete branding profile that is just right for you or your company.

Mobile & Icon Design

Deliver high-fidelity graphics for your mobile app that pushes new trends, technologies, and UX.

Digital Illustration

From cartoons to photo realism, Mike can illustrate anything to match your needs.

Creative Direction

Mike will be the driver for you or your company to best align creative with audiences and create successful campaigns.

Social Media

Abreast with the latest social media trends and tools, Mike can manage your social needs, train company team members, and more.

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Banners Created
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How Mike Creates Your Product


Phonecall, videochat, or email; Mike discuss your goals, needs, and wants, describing what you need and don’t need, providing costs and recommendations while establishing a game plan with a deadline.


Mike researches your top competitors, industry drivers, and more, to develop concepts that will provide the foundation in the next stage.

Design Drafts

Bringing together research and concepts, B&W rough drafts are designed for presentation with color recommendations that best suit your project needs.

Presentation and Review

Mike brings the Client back into the conversation receiving a handful of design drafts that best match their needs and requests. Conversations about what works and does not work, new ideas, and adjusting design expectations are common here.

Final Polish & Review

Client reviews new revisions based on conversation during the Presentation and Review phase. Final round of revisions to build the product ready for publishing and public visibility.


This is the fun part—launching your product! After final review of high level polish, ensuring no big or small errors exist, product is launched and assets delivered to client with the successful completion of the project.

Meet Mike Puglielli.

With years of experience and a passion for creating impressionable digital work, Mike will develop the best creative solution for your needs. Find out more about his background, learn about his technical abilities, and, most importantly, why he loves creating great work for great clients. Learn more about Mike

  • Michael has an impressive natural talent for visual design and the technical know-how to apply it to the web. He is both professional and fun to work with – a great asset to any team.

    Cale Sweeney
  • Mike is a wonderful person to have on your team. He’s bright, positive, encouraging, and is always bringing ideas to the table. Paired with his ability to illustrate, his web skills are top notch. He delivers every time and is eager to help anyone out at any time.

    Stacey Streeter
  • A great designer with a penchant for turning trash into treasure. Mike’s work always comes out with an extremely clean and professional ‘look and feel’, no matter how raw the initial input. Mike’s ability to design with conversion and ROI in mind makes him a pleasure to work with from a marketing perspective.

    Pat O'Malley
  • Mike has been a great addition to the Inspiredology team. We were confident in added Mike to the team. He has shown a very high level of detail while being our Lead Editor…

    Chad Mueller
  • Since bringing Michael on board as the Lead Editor at Inspiredology we’ve seen a solid increase in both content and editorial quality. He constantly brings new and exciting ideas to the table in order to further progress the website and Inspiredology community. To say he goes ‘above and beyond’ would be an understatement.

    Andrew Dertinger
  • Michael has amazing talents and is very easy to work with. His creativity and eye for detail took our project to an entirely new level.

    Lori Thompson